After Hours with Nylon Magazine

On March 13th, Foster Grant sponsored Nylon’s Happiest of Hours event at SXSW in Austin, TX. Guests enjoyed special performances by our Brand Ambassador Kat Graham, The Aces, Bridgit Mendler and many more. Between performances, guests could snag a pair of Foster Grant sunglasses from our vending machine where guests tweeted about Foster Grant sunglasses […]

The shades of pink, demystified.

Ah, pink is in the air. It’s everywhere we look. On the runways. On the street. And we couldn’t be happier. Because the Item 8™ flirty 8 Shades of Pink Collection from Foster Grant® is here to play, too. Do you love pink? Or does it intimidate you? Can you rock it? (Yes, redheads, you […]

Romantic truth #14: Rose sunglasses make any outfit hot.

Item 8 Violet Meet Rose VMR.2

Romance season is officially open. And while there are plenty of tried and true (and a bit tired) ways to be a romantic, it seemed high time to throw some new ideas in the mix. Starting with an intriguing collection of sunglasses from Item 8™. Violet, Meet Rose. Designed quite joyfully to knock you off […]

Meet your new fashion essential. The not-so-little black sunglasses.

We all have a secret weapon (or six) in our closet. A little something that not only transforms our look, but our vibe. And while we all love the magic of a little black dress, Item 8™ has a different spell to cast. Mystical Sophisticates. A collection of bold, divinely dark sunglasses designed to conquer […]