Nylon’s ‘The Happiest of Hours’

Coachella Valley, California, Sunday  April 16th

Kat Graham rocks big curls and big Foster Grant shades at our sponsored recovery brunch event with Nylon Magazine.

We gave away hundreds of complimentary glasses to the boldest and bravest at the Palm Springs-adjacent music festival rendezvous.

Party-goers forgo the mid-day heat and huddled around our flower wall trying on sunglasses and posing for selfies.  Kat mingled with attendees and playfully photo bombed their pictures.

Kat Graham, our perfect boho babe, feeling the love and looking festival-tastic in these NEW! Gold Heart Festival glasses.

Aw, BFF’s posing for a selfie in front of the flower wall wearing styles from the ITEM 8 collection.  Besties come in pairs!


Style // SM.3 & SM.2


And with so many styles to choose from, it was a tough decision for some.  With hundreds of styles in our collection there’s something for everyone.

For The Many Shades Of You™!

Oh boy was it hot in the desert. But these lucky ladies were well protected in their Foster Grants. Style // Kate & Gia

We also protected the staff.  Spending all day in the sun is brutal and its critical you protect your eyes as well as your skin and tatts. Style // CB 66 &  CF 14


Heat advisory for the day.  Wear cover ups and Hot Pink Lip sunglasses.


These two beauties are from the Item 8 collection.

Kat taking a break in the shade, no escaping the paparazzi. Kat’s wearing a gold metal round from our Flat Lens collection.


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