The shades of pink, demystified.

Ah, pink is in the air. It’s everywhere we look. On the runways. On the street. And we couldn’t be happier. Because the Item 8™ flirty 8 Shades of Pink Collection from Foster Grant® is here to play, too. Do you love pink? Or does it intimidate you? Can you rock it? (Yes, redheads, you can.) Which pink is right for you? Well the good news is this – there’s a pink out there for everyone. Here’s a little guide on how to find your spring pink look.


  High fashion women’s sunglasses collection

So, you like bold, eh? Hot pink is HOT! (when done right) If you’re gonna hit the town in a hot pink dress, try one a bit more tailored, with simple lines. In a cut that’s right for you. A sneaky peaky fuschia cami can lead to better things. Maybe lipstick? Satisfy your desire for pink with these dare devils. Hot pink mirrored lenses with a translucent frame. Well, hello there, pinky.


High fashion women’s sunglasses collection

Black and pink. These two look fantastic together. Always have. This is the perfect combo if you’re not quite ready to go full-on pink. Add a black belt. A leather jacket. Insta- worthy black earrings. Black transforms pink to sophisticated, tough or unexpected. That’s the inspiration behind these electrified fuschia lenses set in a retro-mod black frame. Splashes of gold at the brow and temple are the cherry on top.


8 Shades of Pink Item 8 sunglasses are ready for whatever you are

Straight up pink seem too, well, pink? Good thing pink loves a pattern. Dresses, shirts, bags, scarves. Pink is the perfect background. Delicate floral. Mighty bold floral. Stripes, stripes and more stripes. Geometrics. What have we made for you? A delicious pink pearlized frame. Rose quartz mirrored lenses. Sophisticated. Totally feminine. Pink on pink. Totally 2017. Totally spring. Totally pinkalicious.


 8 Shades of Pink Item 8 sunglasses are ready for whatever you are

And then there’s this spring’s runaway star. Soft pink. Blush pink. Barely pink. Looks good anywhere, on anyone pink. A trench coat. A statement tee. And yes, even jeans. So long, Barbie. This is pink for adults. Understated and eloquent. Goes with just about anything. Just about anywhere. If this is your jam, take a peek at these ultra feminine pastel beauties. Soft pink throughout. A subtle flared lens. And just a touch of gold. Pink, perfected.



  1. Lingering eye contact
  2. An unexpected compliment
  3. A whispered secret
  4. Speeding ticket
  5. Flirting
  6. A knowing wink

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