Romantic truth #14: Rose sunglasses make any outfit hot.

Romance season is officially open. And while there are plenty of tried and true (and a bit tired) ways to be a romantic, it seemed high time to throw some new ideas in the mix. Starting with an intriguing collection of sunglasses from Item 8. Violet, Meet Rose. Designed quite joyfully to knock you off your feet. And knock the old idea of romance, with all its Michael Bublé, on its head.

Who the heck has the time to spend hours on a quest for a hot look? You can get your romantic on in seconds with the right pair of shades. From cat eye to chunky, toss these hotties on, and the world does look better through rose colored glasses. And so do you. Whether you’re dressed to the nines, or knocking around in jeans and a tee — transformation just happened.

And hear this loudest…romance and feeling sexy doesn’t have to be for anyone else. Truth is, looking and feeling fantastic for yourself is one of life’s greatest indulgences. Go ahead  sweet pea, get yourself flowers. Or even easier, we have your roses and violets right here.

Who do you want to be?

Meet your peeps


The Daring Darling

Style: VMR 2

High fashion women’s sunglasses collection

Feeling bold?  So are these not-so-little Kitty Kats. Oversized, soft and a delicious cat eye evolution. Alluring and slightly hypnotic, just like you. And as the garden party look blooms, pair these beautiful violets with any floral your heart desires.


The Glamourista

Style: VMR 3

High fashion women’s sunglasses collection

Feeling feisty? Turn heads in this glam oversized cat eye. A classic cat frame. Soft brown tortoise shell. And yes, a platinum violet mirrored lens. Craving some ruffles? Go for it. Statement sleeves finish your look impeccably.


The Nouveau Classic

Style: VMR 7

High fashion women’s sunglasses collection

Bold meets bookish. Oversized, deep chunky frames with a rose gold lens. At first glance, a classic. Then the secrets start to reveal. Is that a milky rose pattern? Why yes. And it goes flawlessly with a striped blouse, which is all the rage.


The Sultry Sophisticate

Style: VMR 8

High fashion women’s sunglasses collection

Ready to let your polished side out to play? Or feeling a bit coy? These sweeties will do the trick. Geometric shiny frame. Retro brow wire. And gorgeous rose lenses. Toss on a vintage varsity jacket and you are ready to hit the town.



Michael Bublé

Violin serenades

Diamonds and Pearls


Hot red lips

Big bucks

Coy giggles




Funky, chunky, over-sized violet cat eyes



Going dutch

Ironic post-it notes

Custom playlist

Glossy chapstick




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