Meet your new fashion essential. The not-so-little black sunglasses.

High fashion women’s sunglasses collection

We all have a secret weapon (or six) in our closet. A little something that not only transforms our look, but our vibe. And while we all love the magic of a little black dress, Item 8™ has a different spell to cast. Mystical Sophisticates. A collection of bold, divinely dark sunglasses designed to conquer the mundane with a healthy shot of mysterious.

What is it about these black beauties? Is it the black on black? The matte and mirrored? Secret weapons are all about catching people off guard. And now you can bring it in aces. Sophisticated soft smoky lenses. Mysterious mercury mirrored lenses. Round. Geometric. Oversized square and chunky. Fine wire cutouts. Simple black frames. Bold patterned frames. Or the classic cateye, of course.

Oversized vs. Too-Big

Follow these 3 simple tips to make sure your shades fit your face as well as your style:

Nice brows                          Let those eyebrows peak out. Never cover ‘em all the way.

Hey sweet cheeks           Choose sunglasses that don’t touch your cheeks.

Smile pretty!                      Give a big smile. If your sunglasses move, choose smaller shades.

The best secret weapons are always at your fingertips. Just throw them on, and you’re good to go, no matter your sense of style. Walk through your day, leaving a trail of allure. Because mysterious is a vibe that’s oh-so-fun to rock. And Mystical Sophisticates have plenty of ways to do just that. From ripped jeans to that timeless black dress, these shades change everything.

So tuck in behind any of these funky fashion statements. Peek out only when life gets interesting. And let people wonder what you’re thinking. As for what they’re thinking… envy anyone?

Shop Mystical Sophisticates.


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