If you’re ready for a new look for the new year, Black and Gold will take you there.

Black Gold from Item 8 - Fabulous women's sunglasses

There’s nothing like the start of the New Year to see a world brimming with possibilities. The best of which is unleashing your glitz and glam, inside and out. What better than some sophisticated sunglasses to lead the charge? Looking fabulous will never go out of style. So it’s always a score to find new ways to make it happen. And have fun doing it. Enter the Black Gold style story from our Item 8™ Collection. Black lenses. Black frames. And gold shaking things up. Why? Because you can.

The tempting thing about these sunglasses is there is something for everyone, no matter your style. Or shall we say, styles? Love a classic wayfarer? We bring it to you, oversized and adorned with a gold inlay. Cat eye more your jam? That’s here, too. With shiny gold tips that confirm our mantra, sophisticated can indeed be fun. For the more mod fashionistas, check out our funky geometric frames with gold rims and deliciously mysterious smoky lenses. Craving just a splash of bling? Take to the town in simple, chunky round black frames. Are those gold rivets? Why, yes, they are. This is the Black Gold Collection after all. And it doesn’t stop there.

From fab to finished to funky, Black Gold is your playground. Because Item 8 is a collection of women’s sunglasses designed and created to let you explore all the facets of fashion you’ve always wanted to. Inspired by classic shapes, vintage style and high fashion.

This is just the first of eight different style stories we will bring your way. We are here to introduce you to them all. Each will be full of possibilities. Full of surprises. And there’s nothing more exhilarating than finding a new look to start a new year. Maybe it’s time for more than one? So peruse to your heart’s content. Your inner fashionista will thank you.


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