Our latest sunglass collection is your secret weapon for 2017

Isn’t it gratifying to look fabulous? Of course no wise woman would deny that. And it’s all about adding one truly unexpected something to your look. Something that breaks the rules.  Meet that one thing. Meet Item 8 sunglasses the latest collection from Foster Grant, styles worthy of the runway.   Here, expect the unexpected. Everywhere you look, something is vaguely familiar. Yet — everything has a twist. This is why Item 8 is your express ticket to fabulous for 2017.

All the shapes are here. Yet, are they? Cat eyes abound, but in ways you never imagined. Metal tips. Oversized. Purple. Chunky. The classic wayfarer is redefined with patterns and colors you’d never expect. Geometric shapes have found a home, sometimes just in the tiniest of details. Marbled frames make an appearance. Aviators take flight to new lands. Vintage is reinvented, again. And rimless says hello.

Then there are lenses, oh the lenses. Announcements to the world, vibrant color is here. Bold and unapologetic. Blues of a cloudless sky.  Purples like a mysterious night. Orange sunrises. Pinks galore. Mirrored meets matte. And violet looks very good on you.

This is a collection of women’s sunglasses that let you be you. And who you want to be. Feminine. Fierce. Feisty. Elegant or energized. A blast from the past or a peek to the future. Yet always, always a fashionista. Intrigued? You should be. This is a collection of 8 unique style stories, and we will introduce you to all of them.

You are you. You walk boldly, yet elegantly.  And here is a sunglass collection ready to join you, every fabulous looking step of the way. Beach to black dress. Romantic to rough and tumble. Dark and mysterious to bright and light. Classic with a twist.  Now is your time to reinvent your holiday style. Or how about give the gift of high fashion?  No one ever said no to that. Why would they?  With Item 8, fashion is always in season. Happy hunting.



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