As the air gets cooler, so do you.

Our 2017 collection is not for the timid. With so many possibilities, our style editors are here with a cheat sheet. So meet our four fall faves. Unique styles designed to keep your fall fresh. And remember, sunglasses aren’t just for summer. With 100% UVA/UVB protection, we make it easy to protect your peepers every day of the year. Best of all, with an affordable collection at your fingertips, you can have some fun doing it.

So what flavor is your fashion?

Meet Niki, she’s a little daring with a cute twist on cat eyes. A sleek cut out metal design surrounds a smoky lens.  Add more than a little mystery and intrigue to your day. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, ever.

Foster Grant Niki Sunglasses

Or maybe Gia. A sophisticated, yet brazen style with a vaguely familiar shape. Is that a glimmer of gold? Why yes, it is. After all, who doesn’t love a beautiful accent?

Foster Grant Gia Sunglasses

Then comes Kate. These oversized pink beauties don’t even try to be subtle. Mirrored lenses add grit to your grace. Flaunt your feminine side, announcing, not so quietly, that women do indeed rule the world.

Foster Grant Kate Sunglasses

And if your wild side is begging to come out, it’s time for Jet Set. This is no time for timid. Sexy patterns adorn a classic shape for a rather unique look. You know where you want to go. These take you there.

Foster Grant Jet Set Sunglasses

So have no fear, fashionistas. Foster Grant has your back, so venturing into new fashion lands is affordable, and you can craft a collection as diverse as you. Try one. Try them all. Be fabulous this fall. We dare you.


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