Don’t Get Rid of Your Digital Devices

By now you’ve heard of the negative effects of spending extended periods of time in front of digital devices such as smartphones, computers, TVs and tablets. Lengthy screen time has many detrimental effects on our health. It can disturb our sleep pattern by messing up our circadian rhythm, cause digital eye strain, dry eyes, eye fatigue, neck pain, headaches… the list goes on.

But before you throw out your tablet and go back to paper books, let us see the light. Perhaps it is not digital devices, but the artificial light and how it impacts us.  Artificial light from fluorescent, halogen, LED, and yes, even regular incandescent lightbulbs, gives off different amounts of blue light that have some of the same harmful health effects as the light emitted from your digital devices. We behave very similarly under light bulbs and in front of digital screens. We forget to blink, we focus intensely and we look near and far and everywhere in between.

So let’s do the math. To the 8, 10, or 12 hours you spend in front of all of your digital tools throughout the day and night, add the hours you spend under fluorescent or LED light bulbs. Is it 14, 16, 20? Shocking huh?  Using a computer under fluorescent lights is a double whammy of blue light harmfulness impacting  your eyes. No wonder by the end of the day you have a pounding headache, you are ready to tear your dry itchy eyes out of their sockets and you can’t tell 3s from 8s.

But before you go caveman and write off all forms of artificial light, you should know there is a solution to the unavoidable relationship we have with it. Foster Grant® Eyezen™ digital glasses! Foster Grant® Eyezen™ digital glasses are groundbreaking eyeglasses that are NON prescription. “Wear eyeglasses?” you ask? Don’t worry, you will look smart and hip and they’ll keep your eyes relaxed, soothed and comfortable. Foster Grant® Eyezen™ blocks potentially harmful blue light and their lenses are enhanced to help you see comfortably.

Whether you only spend a tiny amount of time in the company of digital devices (reading only paper books, coloring adult coloring books or working as a nurse) or whether you are a devout gamer, TV junkie or workaholic stock broker, you need Foster Grant® Eyezen™ glasses. Get a pair right now and you’ll see an instant improvement in your outlook.


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