You know you love it.

Tough Romance has arrived.

Our 2017 styles are unapologetic. Confident in their vibe, the feeling is contagious. And the best part is, these beauties are early to the party. Next year’s styles just couldn’t wait. So you don’t have to either. With Foster Grant as your fashion wingman, you have no shortage of ways to strut your style. So saunter in. Peruse. You’re about to make your style blow up. There are enough pure romantics out there. The soft. The frilly. The gentle. But for you, there is another side that wants to come out and play. An edgier side. One not afraid to get into it. Soft meets hard. Lace meets leather. Pink meets black. Meet Tough Romance. The Tough Romance trend is far from a contradiction. The styles in this trend are the beauty of unexpected pairings, to the core. Opposing forces, joining hands to inspire the unexpected in each other. The concept of soft-hard juxtaposition is not new, but the outcome for Fall 2016 feels fresh.

The combination of glamorous oversized frames, subtle colored mirrored lenses, boyfriend ways with a feminine touch and bold prints are somehow more relatable this time around. Tried and true daring designs find their feminine side. Think of a princess who’s not afraid to wield a sword. And with the abundance of ways Foster Grant brings tough romance to life, you’re gonna fall hard for more than one. So do yourself right. These shades are all under $25. Spoil yourself rotten. Right now. With Foster Grant on your side, you turn your style upside down, tough romance style.


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