Hello old friend. Something looks different.

Meet Inner-City Retro.

Rumor has it, 2017 is going to look amazing. And lucky you, you don’t have to wait. We’re bringing on next year’s styles early, so you can look over your shoulder and let the rest of the world know what style means. And once again fashionistas, you can trust Foster Grant to surround you with endless ways to flaunt your style. So jump in. Find your look. We’re escorting you into the new year, looking fantastic in ways people never imagined. Affordable and unexpected style means you can change up your look daily. We make it easy. You are always stocked up on essentials for looking and feeling fantastic. And we’re here to help you flaunt your style. And build your collection.

Enter Inner-City Retro.

Looking good often means looking back. Things that are interesting always come back. Each time with its own unique twist. And so it is. Retro is back. And like every time it’s done right, it’s truly an original. Inspired by what we have known. What we have rocked. What we have admired. And what we have loved. That soft, festival-driven bohemian look had its turn. And it was lovely. But now it’s time for a new version of retro. This time style is about the inner-city. Hip. Clean. Edgy. Classic. Think vintage, but with a new story to tell. Looky looky. Here come cat eyes. Are those oversized frames? And let’s be honest. A keyhole nose bridge is never wrong. These are stunning, tried and true designs–but modernized to walk down the street in 2017. Hot trends, ripe for the picking. Cat eyes. Aviators. Classic club. They’re back for all the right reasons. But here, different materials come together for a fresh look. The retro shapes and vintage details are refined, modernized. To keep things interesting, frame designs are exaggerated. And if you’re looking for embellishments, look elsewhere. Here is where you find the clean look worthy of a jaunty lunch hour stroll or a perfect companion for a happy hour cocktail.

And good luck deciding on one. You’re gonna want this look in lots of flavors. And the beauty of it is, they’re all under $25. So indulge. Stock up. Right now. With Foster Grant at the helm, you can shake it up Inner-City Retro style. Every day. You go, girl.


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