Get to know Avant Urban the unconventional trend for 2017!

2017 is calling. And you want to look incredible when it arrives. But why wait? Lay your eyes on tomorrow’s look, right now. Flaunt the trend instead of jumping on. Foster Grant is pushing the boundaries of sunglass fashion, yet again. Won’t you come along?

We are here, bringing everyday fashionistas the affordable style that means you can mix it up your way, day after day. We’re coming at you fast and furious with distinct styles sure to become instant essentials in your style repertoire.

Let’s start with Avant Urban, a funky little trend we’ve designed our styles around.

Style never goes out of style, but this fall, the walk is a bit different. Elements of what we know and love. But with a twist that lets you, and the world know – this is not urban as usual. The shapes feel somewhat familiar. Yet everywhere you look, subtle changes of silhouette, patterns and a juxtaposition of materials come together to create nothing quite like you’ve ever seen. Classic tort, or is it? Is that an all metal cat eye? Why yes, it is. Plastic and metal come together, taking you to delightfully surprising places. Geometric comes on strong, with unexpected, yet subconsciously familiar shapes. Shapes and styles that have been reconstructed, coming back with exaggerated details and bold prints. There’s more? Surprising style accents join the party, bringing a bit of shimmer and sophistication. All from Foster Grant. Who knew?

At its most basic, our Avant Urban collection is super cool to the core. Dancing with both classic and modern vibes, it’s a look that draws looks. And here’s the thing. You’re gonna fall in love with one. Then another. And another. And the beauty of it is, they’re all under $25. So indulge. Get started right now. Different every day has never been more doable.


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