Top 5 Sunglasses All For Under $20

Back in 1929 on the Atlantic City Boardwalk in New Jersey, Sam Foster sold the very first pair of sunglasses for ten cents. Foster’s customers knew that they were getting true quality for their money, quality that you could actually see and feel. Now in 2016, Foster Grant offers the same feeling of quality and real style that was once felt on the Atlantic City Boardwalk. Luckily for us we no longer have to head over to New Jersey to receive excellence since has more than 200 styles to choose from! Here are our Top 5 pairs of sunglasses that showcase quality at an affordable price!

  1. Confidence $19.99


Gain the confidence you need to tackle your day with a pair of Confidence sunglasses! This classic, black, round frame with a smoke brown lens will leave you feeling elegant and chic. Shop now!

  1. PF 18 $16.99

PF 18

A style that complements any face shape: PF 18! This pair of sunglasses will delight with a beautiful tortoise print; light brown lenses, and an oversized on-trend square frame. Seize the day with a pair of PF 18 sunglasses! Shop now!

  1. Shades $14.99


Look flawless in a pair of Shades. With a beautiful tortoise shell print, a solid round frame, and fashionable colored lenses, these sunglasses combine the three most sought-after trends this season. Shop now!

  1. Fate Leo $14.99
    Fate Leo

Decorated in a sassy leopard print and elegant rose colored lenses, the soft cat eye fame is sure to turn heads with envy! Shop now!

  1. Polo $13.99

Who doesn’t need a pair of aviators in their life? They’re cool, classic, and will never go out of fashion. Loved by our beautiful ambassador Kat Graham and loved by us this is our top pick for the season. Shop them now!

Regardless of which Foster Grant style you choose, you’ll face the day with real style and confidence and with so many designs to choose from, everyone will find a style that is right for them!

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