Fold Flats

Sleek and Slim: Gavin Fold Flat

Tired of bold and bulky reading glasses? Want something a little more sophisticated, sleek, and slim? Gideon by Foster Grant introduces the Gavin Fold Flat! This pair of reading glasses folds into an incredibly thin carrying case for maximum protection and use. Coming in four different magnification levels, this universal frame is perfect for any and every use.

Not only are these readers exceptionally thin but they are also made from a durable metal, rectangular full frame. With a thin fold and hard case, these Microvision readers are perfect to bring anywhere. Throw them in your bag, keep them in your car, or have them around the house for easy access while knowing that they are safe.

The Gavin Fold Flat readers hold a classic and timeless shape that fits any face. With these characteristics, you can ensure that you will remain in style for time to come! Likewise, the black matte carrying case is slim enough to fit everywhere and light enough to carry around with you.

While some readers often draw unwanted attention, the sleek style of the Gavin Fold Flats will let you go about your daily life unbothered. Who’s that behind those Gavin Fold Flat Foster Grants? It could be you!

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