The Importance of Sunglasses for Kids

While most people think of sunglasses as pertaining to adults, we cannot forget about how important it is to protect young eyes. Many people often forget about sunglasses for children since children might not complain about the sun bothering their eyes or they merely do not notice it as much as adults do.

However, in a recent study within The Wall Street Journal, it became known that children are more vulnerable to the sun’s rays since their ocular lenses are not fully mature and therefore they cannot filter the UV light as well as adults can. This can then lead to retina damage and in the long-term it can lead to a risk for cataracts, clouding of the lens, and macular degeneration later in life.

But here at Foster Grant we have not forgotten about the kids. With over 50 frames and designs specifically made for children, we are looking out for their eye safety as all of the sunglasses provide 100% UV protection. This is the type of protection that all children need when they are playing outside—whether they are on the slopes or in the sand—for a prolonged period of time.

With the idea that almost 25% of lifetime sun exposure occurs before 18 years of age, we want to provide the best for your kids and we know that they will love the frames we have crafted. One favorite frame is the Stella, a white, pink, or purple plastic frame with animal print on the sides and rhinestones on the front. This design combined with a full round frame offers maximum protection. Another favorite is the Sportsman which comes in red or blue and has a colorful lens. Just like the Stella, the Sportsman offers a wrap frame to ensure protection.

From your child’s favorite color to Star Wars themes to funky lenses, their choices are endless. Our Foster Grant sunglasses for kids are durable and perfectly priced so that their new pair of sunglasses will give them the confidence and protection they need to be the best they can be.

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