2016 Men’s Sunglasses Update

Looking for the hot new trend in sunglasses for 2016? Well if so, we have your answer! Let’s start by recapping 2015 and what the trends were.


Foster Grant Men's Aviators

2015 – Trend Alert

Foster Grant Aviator Sunglasses were all the rage in 2015 which is no surprise because the classic style and Vintage era has been sweeping the nation! The 80’s look and feel has slowly started coming back, with slight modifications of course, but the Aviator was, has been and always will be an instant classic! That being said, what will 2016 bring?


2016 Hot Style

2016 Hot Style

Get comfortable in your high viz, obscure colored wayfarers and metal 80’s retro sunglasses because that’s what you’re going to see out to dinner, on the beach and for everyday wear. Shown here we have ‘Mystery Man ‘Tortoise’ wayfarers. Wayfarer styles are getting better and bolder everyday with new color patterns, trending designs and extreme lens colors! The wayfarer is commonly referred to as the “go-to” style right behind ‘Aviators’ because of their diversity, they look good on everyone!


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  1. Peter Johnson

    This is going to sound really crazy, but I’m looking for sunglasses that will significantly reduce the glare of the sun when I’m driving directly at it and I don’t really care about the ‘go to’ styles. I need function not fashion statement. Got anything like that?


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