Never Too Many Pairs

Let’s be honest, accessories are a must have for any female; even guys have “man-cessories”! Yeah, we see you checking yourself out boys! One product we know a thing or two about would be sunglasses & yes, just like you we have a ton of different styles! Storing them can be a hassle and cramming them in a drawer or confined space can lead you to forget about those glitter-temple wayfarer’s or your vintage cat eye sunnies! We have a Pinterest page dedicated to creative solutions we have gathered on interesting ways to store your sunglasses, big or small, and in many ways.

Everyone has their own style, swagger and opinion on décor and you’re no different! That being said, we have included several different options for storing your sunnies – one is bound to match your décor or theme:

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See these options and how-to’s on our Pinterest page along with other ideas on storing sunglasses!

Feel free to comment below and tell us your ides or share your pins with how you store your sunnies!


-Today’s words of wisdom: There’s no such thing as too many pairs of sunglasses. –Samantha August

-What we’re listening to: Heroes (We could be) – Alesso

-Fun Fact: If you have blue eyes, then you share a common ancestor with every other blue-eyed person in the world.


Fun frames we’re crushing on:

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10203636 10203656 10203674


*(All images were found on Pinterest and are the property of their respective owners. We have linked each image to our pins.)

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  1. Leonard Thornton

    Could you please tell me about your new three and one readers. That could save me, because I’m still adjusting to my new site after eye surgery. I’m 55 years old having problems seeing things close up now. In your new three in one glasses could save my life. Can you please help me out?


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