“Foster Grant Sunglasses – $0.10 each”


Imagine it is 1929 and you are on the boardwalk in Atlantic City, New Jersey. You would probably stroll into a store name Woolworth’s and see for the first time, glasses that effectively block the sun out from your eyes ‘sun glasses’. A man named Sam Foster would be the face behind the sale and his name would be inscribed on your brand new and trend setting eyewear! It was then and there that Sam Foster sold the first pair of sunglasses in the United States for a mere $0.10 each pair.

Fast-forward to Saturday, August 23, 2014. Kat Graham hits the boardwalk with a box of 250 of her favorite Foster Grant sunglasses to give back to the community, her fans and to re-connect with the past story that once started just feet from where she was standing. Although most of what once was on the boardwalk is just a faded memory at this point in time, the history is still rich and appealing as we see how far the sunglasses industry has evolved over an 85 year period.

Kat assisted men and women of all ages pick through the box of sunglasses and select a style that fit them best. The turnout was great and thanks to a local DJ, DJ Bill working a┬áPA system and promoting our presence along with Kat Graham’s traveling fan base we were able to give out all 250 pairs of sunglasses and made all who walked away aware of the history of the brand!


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