#FGandKatInAC & an Emmy Appearance



You’ve heard the buzz and seen it all over social media; Foster Grant and Kat Graham will be hanging out on the Atlantic City, NJ Boardwalk from 1-3pm EST on Saturday August 23, 2014. The premise of this event is to give everyone a fair chance at seeing, meeting, talking and taking selfies with Kat so we are making the whole event a game of who can #FindKat first!

Kat Graham will be performing at ‘The Pool After Dark’ Saturday night from 10pm-4am at the Harrah Hotel. View performance information here: The Pool After Dark

While the meet and greet is taking place on the Boardwalk we will be hiding 6 pairs of sunglasses (2 of each of the styles Kat wears; Gigi, Latte and Brigiette). Each pair will be hidden in a black pouch with the Foster Grant logo and once brought back toward the event center, the sunglasses or the case will be autographed by Kat!

Over 200 pairs of sunglasses will be given out between the meet and greet and the concert event! For more information on the event and how to find the 6 pairs of hidden sunglasses follow us on: Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Pinterest Or, track; #FindKat #FGandKatInAC



Emmy Appearance


Foster Grant is making another appearance at the Emmy’s gifting suite this year! Celebrities from all over the world will be joining together for this yearly event of excellence and will have the opportunity to be exposed to Foster Grant sunglasses! Want to know which of your favorite celebrities is wearing Foster Grant? Follow us close and see all the pictures as we post them on social media!

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