Kids’ Sunglasses

Foster Grant® – Kids’ Sunglasses


Let’s face it. Our lives begin to revolve around our children the second they are born, and rightfully so! As parents, it is our job to do whatever it take to protect and care for our children on a daily basis until they are 18 years old (in some cases, significantly longer). School is out for the summer, you’re packing the family up for the beach or the pool – you’ve got your towels, sunscreen, maybe a book to read… but what about sunglasses for you AND the kids? Foster Grant makes it a priority to “Protect Young Eyes” with their Kids sunglasses featuring MAXBLOCK™ 100% UVA-UVB lens protection.

Why is it important to have 100% UVA/UVB protection?

  • Sunglasses defend against UV damage!
  • Kids spend significantly more time outside than adults!
  • Half of a person’s lifetime exposure to UV rays occurs by the age of 18! 

To get kids to keep those shades on, sometimes it boils down to STYLE. We all know kids can be finicky about style! Foster Grant sells more sunglasses than any other US company – and has loads of fashion-forward, affordable sunglasses for adults AND kids alike.

Affordability is key! Foster Grant Kids sunglasses retail for approximately $10, providing optimal sun protection for a great price. Foster Grant is celebrating 85 years THIS SUMMER as the first company to ever sell sunglasses in the United States. They are bound to have a style (or more!) for everyone in your entire family. Click here to find a retailer near you!

Check back often, kids’ sunglasses will soon be a featured product on our website store so anyone, anywhere can have great protection for a great price!

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