Readers for the modern reader!

Today, people use digital screens more than ever – up to 10 hours or more a day! Did you know that digital screens on smartphones, tablets and computers emit blue light? What is blue light? Harmful blue light is part of the visible light spectrum and can strain your eyes, causing blurred vision and headaches. […]

Never Too Many Pairs

Let’s be honest, accessories are a must have for any female; even guys have “man-cessories”! Yeah, we see you checking yourself out boys! One product we know a thing or two about would be sunglasses & yes, just like you we have a ton of different styles! Storing them can be a hassle and cramming […]

What is Fashion Without Sunglasses?

It still doesn’t feel or look like spring & even though we aren’t quite there yet, you still need your sunnies! Which outfit resembles your wintery-spring time get-up or go-out?      Odds are if you are wearing the left image that you live in Rhode Island like we do with 8 inches of snow […]

Foster Fashion

What is the most important accessory you NEED to have to complete an outfit? We’re not sure there is an answer for that and we can tell you that we don’t have one! One thing we do know, very well, is that eyewear makes a huge difference for any outfit. Look at your stash of […]

Foster Grant Sets the Trend for 2015!

Matthew Coon of Foster Grant, weighs in on what’s trending in sunglasses this year for WWD magazine! Foster Grant  Matthew Coon, creative director  WHAT’S IN  • The newest look is the Kitten frame, a younger, rounder take on the classic cat-eye, ideal for collections targeting juniors and women. Butterflies are growing in importance as the […]