Sydne Summer – Instagram Giveaway

  Sydne Summer is a stylist, fashion expert, social sensation and when she collaborates with her blogging counterparts (Mara Ferreira, Sazan Barzani & Sheryl Luke they can move mountains! We have collaborated with Sydne; an Instagram contest that will provide 4 lucky winners with a Foster Grant summer essentials prize package! Entering the contest is […]

What are UVA and UVB Rays?

Ultraviolet (UV) rays come in 2 forms: A and B. UVA rays are also know as ‘long wave’ rays and UVB rays are known as ‘short wave’ rays. UVB rays are factually more dangerous and damaging to our bodies, however, UVA rays are significantly more prevalent in our day to day activities. UVA and UVB […]

Dr. Bazan: Is it safe to use drugstore reading glasses?

Drugstore reading glasses give an approximation of ones prescription for reading glasses. While they are not nearly as accurate as prescription glasses, if the same correction is needed for both eyes and you don’t have much astigmatism they can be recommended for occasional use.

As Seen In InStyle

Foster Grant Sunglasses were featured in the April issue of InStyle. Our colorful red aviators, which can be found at CVS, appeared in their “Colorful Frames” section. Shop all our aviators today!

Have You Heard?

Are you hearing Foster Grant commercials on the radio?  We’ve kicked off a campaign that highlights our Crystal Vision collection in some of the top markets in the US. Shop Crystal Vision Now!