World Sight Day 2014

World Sight Day October 9th, 2014 marks World Sight Day (WSD) and the effort to raise awareness for ‘Avoidable Blindness’. Avoidable Blindness is a concept that many of us are hit with eye disease after it is far too late and often because we have not tried taking preventative actions to detect eye issues earlier […]

“Foster Grant Sunglasses – $0.10 each”

Imagine it is 1929 and you are on the boardwalk in Atlantic City, New Jersey. You would probably stroll into a store name Woolworth’s and see for the first time, glasses that effectively block the sun out from your eyes ‘sun glasses’. A man named Sam Foster would be the face behind the sale and […]

#FGandKatInAC & an Emmy Appearance

#FGandKatInAC   You’ve heard the buzz and seen it all over social media; Foster Grant and Kat Graham will be hanging out on the Atlantic City, NJ Boardwalk from 1-3pm EST on Saturday August 23, 2014. The premise of this event is to give everyone a fair chance at seeing, meeting, talking and taking selfies […]

Celebrating 85 Years Selling Sunglasses in the US!

85 years! Foster Grant celebrated its 85th anniversary for sales in the United States on Thursday July 17th, 2014 sponsored by Arielle Nachmani. Kat Graham topped the invite list as the new face of the famous “Who’s that behind those Foster Grants?” campaign. The event was hosted at the Gansevoort Hotel in New York. A […]

Kids’ Sunglasses

Foster Grant® – Kids’ Sunglasses Let’s face it. Our lives begin to revolve around our children the second they are born, and rightfully so! As parents, it is our job to do whatever it take to protect and care for our children on a daily basis until they are 18 years old (in some cases, […]